Here Come The Brides Vietnam Style

THE WEDDING ALBUM: A production worthy of a magazine fashion shoot

Weddings in Vietnam are filled with indigenous traditions. The groom and his family have a strict protocol to meet the bride in her family’s home, laden with gifts from betel flowers to roast pigs to lacquer boxes filled with jewelry. On her special day, the bride may wear as many as three different outfits—the ubiquitous white wedding gown, a traditional Vietnamese ao-dai, and an elegant Mandarin-inspired qi pao or a western party dress for dancing.  Often, there will be not one but two nuptial ceremonies.

But the piece de resistance is the wedding photo album, which is created weeks in advance so it is available for all to ogle on the big day. To accomplish this, photo shoots that can rival those for an Elle magazine fashion layout occur, complete with lighting, makeup, wardrobe and location assistants.  Invariably, wedding photo shoots in Vietnam become spectator events. Here’s a sampling of some we came upon in our recent travels in various Vietnam cities.

…a wedding photographer, scenic stager, and wardrobe assistant collaborate on a wooded hillside
DAYS OF COWS AND ROSES: Motorbikes, flowers and a variety of beefcake on the Hài Vân Pass  
BRIDAL GRIDLOCK: Couples swarm to locations like My Khe Beach when the magic light is ideal
SHE SAID: Are my flowers just right?….
HE SAID: Are we done yet?
THEY SAID: Ours will be nicer…..

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  1. Ron and I attended a wedding for one of my teachers who was Chinese. She too had several dresses during the evening. Fascinating traditions too.

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