My Lai Revisited: Ghost of The Americal Division

Early on March 16, 1968, the massacre of hundreds of innocent women, elderly men and children by US soldiers in the tiny hamlet of My Lai took its place as the Vietnam War’s most enduring badge of depravity, and the hapless Americal Division’s most unholy ghost.Read More

Christmas in Vietnam: 12 Days of Darkness

Fifty years ago, the Christmastime night sky over North Vietnam was not an idealized, star-studded obsidian wonderland. Beginning on December 18, 1972, American B-52 aircraft delivered holiday death and destruction to Hanoi in one of the most intensive and lethal bombing campaigns of the Vietnam War. Read More

30/4: The Day of Recrimination When Saigon Fell

Forty-seven years ago, on the last day of April,1975, the Vietnam War finally ended when the North Vietnamese Army overwhelmed Saigon. It was the day that Tran Van Kim, then a fierce young Special Forces Colonel, made the hardest decision ever for himself and his family.Read More

Dear Natalie: Coming Home from ‘Nam

Sgt. Randy Sanders was trim, fair-haired, well tanned and never shut up once.  That’s how I remember my seatmate on the “Freedom Bird” flight home from Vietnam on June 4, 1971.  He seemed happier than a fat kid in a candy store. He was leaving theRead More

The War Against The Vietnam War

51 years ago today, on May 4, 1970, the heartlessness of the Vietnam War came home to America: four dead, eight wounded on the Ohio campus of Kent State University, and more domestic violence would follow. The war against the war raged in a divided nation.Read More

Vietnam’s Tet Holiday In The Year of COVID

The Zodiac calendar says the Year Of The Ox/Buffalo has arrived. But in Vietnam, despite the Tet Lunar New Year, the page has not turned and the Year Of COVID-19 stubbornly persists. The country is now battling hard against one of the virus’s most troublesome outbreaks. Read More

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